The Slight Edge and the Internet Marketer

I’m constantly learning. I’m like a huge Bed Bath and Beyond sponge eager to soak up as much information as I possibly can. When I first got started on the internet, I studied every tactic, technique and trick. I learned what the best said worked for them and like 97% of the other people out there, I learned that I didn’t know enough. Eventually I came to terms with the fact that I wasn’t failing because I didn’t have the knowledge, I was failing because I didn’t understand the slight edge.

Immediate Edge Review

What is the slight edge?

And WHY is it so important to your success as an internet marketer? It’s important because it is perhaps the single greatest factor in whether you will succeed or fail; if you will be happy or sad; if you will be fat or fit. The Slight Edge is the most simple of principles and is the key to success that is hidden in plain site of every struggling internet marketer. Jeff Olson actually wrote a book about this subject and it’s a definite read if you have any real interest in being more.

In a nutshell, the slight edge can be defined as the simple disciplines practiced everyday turning into a great big pile of success over time OR the slight edge can be defined as daily small errors in judgment turning into a great big pile of failure overtime. The Slight Edge is constantly working for us or against us.

Why doesn’t everyone use the slight edge positively?

Though applying this principle is easy to do, it’s also easy NOT to do. Most of us need to be avoiding a dramatic immediate consequence to get us do to something that isn’t pleasurable. For instance, imagine if you knew that if you took a sip of a Slurpee, the resultant brain freeze combined with icy sugar would result in immediate brain embolism and pancreatic shutdown. I’m thinking now you would find it very EASY not to ever drink a Slurpee again. But in real life, one Slurpee is not going to kill you or even give you diabetes, is it? Luckily I hate Slurpees but I do love pizza! I’d venture to say that most of you love pizza as well.

Now, if you eat an entire deep dish supreme pan pizza by yourself today, you’re unlikely to have a heart attack today, right? There’s no immediate consequence so why not? I mean… you can always have a salad tomorrow, right? Keep making that pizza decision over and over for years. How does that future look? Heavy, right? If you don’t work on marketing today, will your business crumble to the ground? Probably not. But… that error in judgment practiced over time will inevitably lead to failure. Conversely, if you were to eat a salad today would you instantly become 9% bodyfat and find you’re battling for first in the Tour de France against Lance Armstrong? Um… no. Nor would marketing today mean that you’d be able to retire at midnight tonight.