Maintaining Your Swimming Pool – 3 Reasons For Properly Maintaining Your Pool

There are many reasons for keeping your swimming pool up to snuff. You, your friends and family can all benefit from a pool that is well maintained. (Not to mention it is a lot less work if you spend just a few minutes a day on maintaining your pool.)

  • The number one reason I believe is for health reasons. By keeping your chlorine in check will eliminate the bacteria and algae from growing in the water which helps to eliminate health problems to your friends and family. Eliminating ear infections and infections from any open wounds and/or cuts swimmers may have.
  • Number two is for water clarity. You want your water kept crystal clear so you can see anyone that may be in trouble. You’ll be able to see any objects in the water that can cause injury to anyone. By keeping  your pool and pool water clean is a very good indication that your water PH is in the proper range. Also a clean pool is evidence that the filtration system is working properly.
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  • The third is swimming pools are quite expensive to replace. There are things that need to be done just to  keep it functioning properly. By maintaining a pool properly, the filtration system (pump, filter, lines pool  liner (especially if it is a vinyl liner), multi port valve and other components will last longer and give you better services. Maintaining a swimming pool properly will give you, your friends and family years of fun  and relaxation for many years to come.

Joseph Hazlett is the founder and owner of where you can find tips on maintaining, repairing, and winterizing your swimming pool and more.